New Fake IRS Scam CP2000 Letters

A newer IRS scam is coming to a mailbox near year. Scammers are sending out CP2000 letters that are demanding payment for tax return errors. It is not uncommon to get these letters if something was missed on the tax return. Below is as short write-up on the issue. If you have gotten a letter you can speak with us about it to determine if it is legitimate.


IRS Alerts Practitioner Groups of Fraudulent CP 2000 and ACA Letters

In a November 16 IRS National Public Liaison (NPL) meeting, IRS alerted tax practitioner groups of another variation of the fraudulent CP 2000, Notice of Proposed Adjustment for underpayment/Overpayment, scam where fraudsters are sending these notices to taxpayers asking them if they agree with IRS’s findings and to send them a check. The letters also inform the taxpayers that if they disagree with the IRS’s findings, that they should still send the fraudsters a check. In addition, fraudsters are sending taxpayers fake notices relating to unpaid taxes in relation to the Affordable Care Act, while also giving these taxpayers an indication that they may report them to immigration services. Again, the fraudsters ask the taxpayers if they agree with the IRS’s findings and to send the fraudsters a check, and if they disagree, to also mail the fraudsters a check.