IRS Letter Collecting

The IRS sends out millions of computer generated letters a year to taxpayers. These letters are rarely welcome, as a result they can pile up unopened and certified letters are not collected from the post office.

While stamp collecting can be a rewarding and stress relieving hobby, I don’t know anyone that has the same experience with collecting IRS Letters. Everyone has rights to IRS appeals and tax court that are time sensitive. Having those deadlines go by the wayside make resolving your tax issue more difficult.

Often the IRS thinks you owe more in taxes, when in fact that is not true when all the facts are know. Some issues can be simply and quickly resolved.

The best strategy for dealing with IRS correspondence is to carefully read the letters and response to the IRS. If you don’t feel comfortable doing, this contact a tax professional that can interpret the letter, protect your rights, and craft the proper response.

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