To TurboTax or not is the question!

I often get the question what I think about using Turbo Tax versus using a tax professional.   The upside of using Turbo Tax is you will save some money on the preparation, not a lot, but some money. However the downside is that you have to spend your time, miss deductions or worse you make […]

Do You Need a Tax Pro?

Wondering if you need a tax pro or if you can DYI? Dave Ramsey has a quick quiz to help answer that question. Take the quiz yourself to find out!    

Tax Time is a Good Opportunity for a Financial Review

For most of us the only time we pull together all our financial information is at tax time. Try looking at it as an opportunity to go over both your current and future financial situation with your tax professional. This is were using a tax professional that has advanced degrees, licenses and certifications can do much […]

Catching up on Tax Filings

Income taxes have to be the most aggravating tax advised by government. Not only do you have to present your income and deductions in the best light like a defense attorney, but you have to play the role of judge to make sure you have faithfully and honestly applied the tax law. Then to top it […]

File 2013 Taxes After April 15th and No Refund

Busy people often fall behind on filing their taxes and believe that they will get caught up next year. While there are other problems with filing taxes late, the one that most people are not aware of is that if you file over 3 years late the IRS will not pay you any tax refund. […]

2016 Tax Update to Renton Rotary

I had the pleasure of presenting a 2016 Tax update to the Renton Rotary. I covered the different tax professionals that can help taxpayers, some of the reasons why income taxes are so complex, what changes we could expect to the tax code in 2017 and finally the the major problems we see in tax practice. […]