Do You Need a Tax Pro?

Wondering if you need a tax pro or if you can DYI? Dave Ramsey has a quick quiz to help answer that question. Take the quiz yourself to find out!    

Tax Cut and Job Act

This act has wide ranging impacts to the income tax system for both businesses and individuals. Most of the changes take effect in 2018, however there are a few that are retroactive to 2017. When we prepare your taxes, we will give you insight into how the new tax law will impact your taxes in […]

Have Your 2016 Tax Return Reviewed for Free

Wondering if you are missing a deduction on your 2016 tax return? Well worry no more, through the rest of December we are offering a free review of your 2016 tax return. Call for an appointment either in person or virtually.

New Fake IRS Scam CP2000 Letters

A newer IRS scam is coming to a mailbox near year. Scammers are sending out CP2000 letters that are demanding payment for tax return errors. It is not uncommon to get these letters if something was missed on the tax return. Below is as short write-up on the issue. If you have gotten a letter […]

Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider

I have recently become an Tax Services Endorsed Local Provider for Dave Ramsey’s company Ramsey Solutions. He is primarily known for his call in radio shows on personal finance and the¬†7 Baby Steps for getting your financial life under control. He runs 9 week personal financial classes called Financial Peace University throughout the United States. […]

Your Tax Return Can Actually Help Your Family

People are concerned that when they pass away or are mentally incapacitated that their family will not be able to track down all their financial information. It is normally recommended that you keep all your information in a notebook or similar spot. This is hard to keep up to date and with so much of […]

Benefits of Using A Tax Preparer Versus DIY.

First I’ll say there nothing wrong with doing your own income tax returns using any of the tax return programs or the good old pen and paper method. I’ve seen many taxpayer prepared returns that were spot on. I’ve also seen the horror stories on these types of returns, but lets focus on the benefits […]

Ok So You Owe the IRS Money, Now What!

If you owe the IRS money you have 6¬†basic options. Here is a quick rundown: Pay them in full. If you have the money this is normally the best option as it stops the accumulation of penalties and interest. Pay them in installments. If you are short on money this is a good option as […]

Small Business Bookkeeping

What we see in the tax business are small businesses that are running a profitable business but their bookkeeping processes don’t hold up under an IRS audit. When you have difficulties proving your income and expenses to the IRS you then have to in essence recreate the business’ books properly. This is expensive for the […]

Business Fair September 30th at Renton Technical College

This business fair is for current and inspiring small business owners. There are tables of the different companies that can help your business and tables of government entities that you will have deal with as a business owner. In addition there are seminars on how to open, run and operate a business. And of course […]