IRS Letter Collecting

The IRS sends out millions of computer generated letters a year to taxpayers. These letters are rarely welcome, as a result they can pile up unopened and certified letters are not collected from the post office. While stamp collecting can be a rewarding and stress relieving hobby, I don’t know anyone that has the same […]

Your Home Equity Loan Might Still be Deductible in 2018

With the new tax law now in place, you can still deduct your interest on home equity loans that are at or below $100,000, if the loan was used to buy, build or substantially improve your home. So if you took out a $25,000 home ‘equity’ loan to remodel your kitchen, that interest could still […]

IRS Focuses on Payroll Taxes

IRS Revenue Officers are continuing to focus on the payroll taxes that employers are required to both file and remit to the IRS on a regular basis. The IRS has determined that getting employers to pay these taxes is relatively easy money and the longer that a business goes not paying these taxes the more […]

New Fake IRS Scam CP2000 Letters

A newer IRS scam is coming to a mailbox near year. Scammers are sending out CP2000 letters that are demanding payment for tax return errors. It is not uncommon to get these letters if something was missed on the tax return. Below is as short write-up on the issue. If you have gotten a letter […]

Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider

I have recently become an Tax Services Endorsed Local Provider for Dave Ramsey’s company Ramsey Solutions. He is primarily known for his call in radio shows on personal finance and theĀ 7 Baby Steps for getting your financial life under control. He runs 9 week personal financial classes called Financial Peace University throughout the United States. […]